Classes are held twice a week, two or three classes a day (each class lasting 45 minutes).

Admission to groups takes place throughout the year and depends on the number of available places and the candidate's level of English.



Learning to learn in English, intensive accumulation of vocabulary and language constructions.


Studying mathematics in English, students delve into the subtleties of special terminology and consolidate the knowledge gained in their secondary school classes.


A series of modules lasting one to two months in basic natural science subjects: biology, geography, physics and chemistry. Understanding the specifics of scientific methods and special terminology, preparing for the examination format of knowledge testings.


A series of modules in English on Literature, History, Social studies and Country studies with a deep immersion in European culture. Debates, role-playing games and group projects allow our students not only to gain knowledge about many phenomena, but also to experience the studied events.


A comprehensive subject that forms fluency in English and basic skills of social interaction, including self-presentation and group work.
Study at London Gates
  • Schedule
    Sep – May
    Twice a week

    2-3 45-minute classes per day

  • Pricing
    390 euros per month
  • Platform
    For teaching, we use LGEG’s own learning management system and Zoom