• Allen Hannen

    With committed and caring teachers and a sophisticated and thoughtful administration the London Gates Education Group have created a very special English school alternative in the center of Moscow. The centre brings a depth of psychological understanding and a commitment to high standards to the classroom.

    The focus of centre is not only on the education but also the well-being of its students. We are very pleased to be able to send our children there.

  • Layla Moukhtarova

    It has been almost three years since my 7-grader daughter came to London Gates and did not wish to leave. Since that time a major part of her life is within the walls of this amazing centre among wonderful peers and brilliant, truly talented and invested teachers who not only prepare to exams but open new horizons to children. Thanks to them my daughter has realized her opportunities and could make a decision about the direction of her education. London Gates team consists of top notch professionals whose earnest and honest work maintains the unequivocal success of the centre. London Gates has opened the door to a bright and promising future to my daughter. I think I will not be mistaken if I say that this centre truly opens all doors before our children.

  • Elvira Velieva

    This is not the first "language school" that my children have attended but we have stopped our choice at London Gates. Why? Here English is taught with ease, joy and many positive emotions. I think that in London Gates my children saw that English is not studying by rote, not an aggregate of rules and tenses but a beautiful language using which one can play, study, create, befriend!

    Couple this with talented, young, creative teachers who know how to evoke interest in children and serve as perfect role models.

  • Suzanna Shakhbazyan

    Several years ago I met an acquaintance, and she told me that she finally found a place where her son who did not really like to study goes with great pleasure! At that time the choice of whether to send our children abroad or not was very relevant. Having the experience of going to a British school we knew that it was not amazing and we would not be able to live apart from our kids.

    We were looking for a centre in Moscow that kids would be interested to attend, to study English and various subjects in English and as a result get an opportunity to enter a university abroad. London Gates has corresponed to all of our demands. For us it is crucial that in Moscow one can not only study but to also take A- Levels exams. Big thank you, London Gates!

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